Dec 29, 2021

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Mobile apps - Best method to increase holiday sales

So, the long-awaited holiday season is here! People go to various forms of entertainment and shopping in order to fully enjoy this season. Mobile app is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the digital age. 

This is the perfect time to increase holiday sales and target customers using mobile apps, with skyrocketing sales and doubling income. Year after year, the tendency continues.

According to research, overall holiday mobile app usage was $3.99 billion on Cyber Monday in 2016, $3.34 billion on Black Friday, and $9.33 billion on Thanksgiving.

Given these statistics, one of the most effective techniques is to target the client demographic over the holidays using mobile apps.

This article will provide you with more ideas on why it is important for you to use mobile apps to boost business sales during holiday seasons. 


The holiday season is an important time to reach out to your target consumers. Customers will be more likely to utilize your mobile app for shopping if you keep your brand and items in mind.

There are various methods to use mobile apps to boost business sales. Here are several examples:

Real-time push notification

Have you ever received alerts from eCommerce applications that said things like "you're missing your favorites," "we miss you," "where some fantastic designs are waiting," and so on? 

The goal of these notifications is to establish a relationship with the consumer. This evokes emotion in their minds and encourages them to return to your app. You may bring back consumers and transform them into profitable sales this way.

Consider a user who is seeking a good bargain on a plane ticket. He quit the mobile app without doing anything because of the increased fares. 

Smarter applications keep track of the user's search history and alert them to any special offers or discounts. This catches the attention of clients, increasing the likelihood of closing a sale.

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Micro-interactions should be included.

The holiday season is a time of excitement, thrills, and fun. People may interact and participate when you add micro-interaction to any digital platform. 

This increases their enthusiasm and makes your program more enjoyable to use. Request that your mobile app developers include these micro-interactions in order to improve the interactivity of your app.


It will always be challenging to attract clients. Providing deals and discounts is one approach to accomplish this goal. 

Many businesses provide customers who download their apps a 10% discount on their products or services. This technique will encourage users to not just take advantage of the offer, but also to utilize the mobile app.

In addition to the foregoing, mobile applications are personalized in the sense that they keep track of the customer's preferences, purchases, and preferences. 

This allows marketers to provide a variety of discounts and special offers to entice customers to make a purchase. This technique is super effective to increase your holiday sales

Loyalty rewards.

Rewards are a tried and true method of increasing holiday sales and increasing repeat business from your loyal customers. You can reward them in many ways without having to print cards or worry about monitoring by creating a smartphone loyalty program. 

One small tip is to make sure it is simple for your users to share your mobile app and reward them for doing so. Your hard work will be paid handsomely.

And with a very little extra work, you can use mobile apps to increase sales this way! 

Subscriptions to newsletters. 

Requesting newsletter subscriptions through your app is another approach to use mobile to increase business sales. 

This responsibility is to keep you up to date on new items, special deals, and impending releases. You can locate people wherever they are with information and unique offers if you properly integrate them with your business.

Sending clients updates and newsletters via your mobile app demonstrates that your company cares about them.

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Developing and releasing a mobile application has several advantages. The following are some of the most important advantages for firms in a number of sectors.

Sales growth

With mobile applications accounting for more than 40% of retail transactions, conventional brick and mortar establishments are transitioning to the digital world and channeling their services through mobile apps. So, if you haven't made it yet, you're probably out of the running.

Boost your brand's visibility

Apps for mobile devices provide a one-of-a-kind chance for brand reinforcement through a new channel. Customers are urged to download the free branded edition of the mobile app, which allows them to set preferences to meet their individual needs.

Increase in revenue

Mobile applications are customized in the sense that they entice people to come to your shop. The most successful method of traffic creation is landing pages, which are used by modern marketers to advertise their businesses. Following the preceding, a well-designed app interface has the ability to persuade a consumer to engage in the purchasing process. This results in better sales and, as a result, higher revenue.

Higher conversion rate

Mobile applications allow customers and businesses to engage in a seamless manner. Customers demand a user-friendly interface and an intuitive environment. And when customers' expectations are satisfied, conversion is more likely.


If you're an entrepreneur, you're missing out on a lot if you don't have a mobile app. Using mobile apps to boost business sales is a very critical approach to any business nowadays!

You may employ an app developer or outsource your project to a business that specializes in mobile app development. You can simply discover one because there are numerous developers on the market.

Formed by a several-year-experienced-expert group in the mobile app development industry, Golden Owl has successfully created hundreds of mobile apps for small businesses and startups and empower their business to thrive. And we would be more than happy to help another client of ours succeed on their path of achieving their goals. Contact us today and we will show you how we can support you to build an app that wins customers.

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