Nov 3, 2021

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Starbucks customer experience: 6 must-knows for entrepreneurs.

Moving forward, all firms are adjusting to changes in client wants and needs. COVID-19 does definitely have a long-term impact on many aspects of our economy in general, from everyday Starbucks purchases to the shopper's path towards a vehicle purchase.


Despite this terrible effect, Starbucks continues to expand, and the iconic green logos can be found anywhere all over the world.


Starbucks may serve as a customer experience example to other firms on how to adapt quickly to market changes. Starbucks was well-prepared for this crisis because it values customer experience (CX). Starbucks embraces changes and is always changing to improve the consumer experience incrementally.


Providing service standards excellently and educating your personnel to deliver them isn't the only way to achieve greatness. It's all about cultivating a service culture that encourages staff to add their own unique touches to every single phrase of a customer service experience.


In this article we are going to cover 6 key points in the Starbucks experience strategy that you can learn and apply to your own business.


#1 Customer Experience: Have a clear vision and make sure that everyone in your company is aware of it!

Running a business all entrepreneurs must have known that “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. Having good customer experience management therefore cannot be overlooked.


Starbucks began by selling coffee beans rather than beverages in a cup. The brand has evolved into what we now refer to as the "Starbucks Experience".


Starbucks offers much more than coffee; it sells a sense of community, a warm and welcoming interior design, happy staff all day long, appropriate coffee quality, and excellent customer service experience.


Starbucks' vision statement for customer service is as follows: “We create inspired moments in each customer’s day. ANTICIPATE - CONNECT - PERSONALIZE - OWN.”


They also put it on the inside of their aprons to remind their staff every day.


#2 Customer Experience: Open to changes using cutting-edge digital solutions

Due to Covid pandemic, Starbucks couldn't connect with customers using solely traditional media in today's fast-paced environment. Starbucks was always working on new digital solutions and making an attempt to engage with customers.


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Customers may earn Stars toward free goods, order beverages, pay, and more using the Starbucks app. 


Customers may earn Stars toward free goods, order beverages, pay, and more using the Starbucks app.


During the lockdown, this was a wonderful customer experience strategy to welcome people back to businesses with modified retail operations and still maintain good social distancing rules. You can order ahead of time, pay, and even accumulate stars to get free goods using the app.


Because they have a digital touchpoint with their customers, Starbucks can lead a digital two-way engagement with them. They may analyze client data, provide personalized offers, and ask for feedback. 


Customers are increasingly demanding tailored experiences, targeted offers, and engaging interactions, and Starbucks has a lot to teach other businesses.


#3 Customer Experience: Make it unique and customized to each of their client

Every time you go to Starbucks, the barista welcomes you, asks for your name, and puts your name on your order. Starbucks understands well that people like to be assisted individually rather than being treated as a number in any sector.


This is a small detail that you might not notice, but it has a big impact. That is extremely unusual, especially for a company like Starbucks, which serves over 100 million people each week.


Apart from being incredibly useful when there are a lot of people in line waiting for their coffee, it also gives you the impression of being served in a personal manner. The coffee has been carefully prepared for you. 


Starbucks make it unique and customized to each of their client


Good service is essential if you want to make a difference. Because so many firms fall short in this area, it's quite simple to surpass expectations. 


To assist your clients in achieving their goals, think alongside them, show interest in them, and try to deliver the best possible solutions. As a consequence, you'll be giving a pleasant client experience.


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Personalized experiences may be found both offline and online. Customers using Starbucks' famous mobile app receive tailored recommendations for new goods based on their previous purchases. 


Starbucks also utilizes "a data-driven AI system based on your own preferences, your own behavior, as well as behaviors that [Starbucks] is trying to drive," according to the company's Chief Technology Officer. 


Starbucks claims that its "single biggest driver" of increased expenditure per customer is its customization customer experience strategy.


#4 Customer Experience: Consistency in quality is key

You may be in a distant nation and crave a cup of coffee. When you walk into a new coffee store for the first time, though, it's typically difficult to know what type of quality to expect.


Starbucks aims for high levels of consistency in quality, making it simple to know what to anticipate. Starbucks makes its locations welcoming to first-time coffee drinkers. There are explanations for everything they offer. This makes trying a new product less scary for both new and veteran customers.


Starbucks tests roughly 1000 coffee cups every day in its locations to ensure that the exceptional flavor remains exactly the same for everyone in every store around the world. 


customer experience


When a consumer goes into Starbucks, he knows exactly how he wants his coffee to taste, how long it will take to obtain it, and how much it will cost.Although each coffee shop has its unique equipment, the general aesthetic is consistent. 


In addition to providing outstanding service, it is critical to provide quality and to do it consistently. Being consistent builds trust and ensures that people will return as loyal consumers. 


Quality varies by industry, but the most important components are that you're simple to contact, that you communicate openly and honestly, and that you follow your commitments. That is a solid basis for any company.


#5 Customer Experience: Build a community vibe among customers

All humans have a profound reluctance to the unknown. That's why going to a known coffee shop doesn't feel as daunting as going to a new one.


There is a feeling of connection in any Starbucks in your city or throughout the world. The baristas smile with you all the time. They want to know your name. There's a spot where you can sit and relax without feeling obligated to buy anything. Free WiFi, which was offered long before it was commonplace, encourages you to stay longer.


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When you go into a Starbucks store, you get the impression of being welcomed. Walking into a Starbucks, regardless of where you are in the world, has the same effect. Everything sums up: the familiarity of beverages, people conversing or working on their computers.


Even the music, which may be enjoyable at times but can often make you anxious for the next song, has a familiar feel to it. 


customer experience


Starbucks refers to its locations as a "third space" in between work and home. When all of these elements are combined, the result is a world-class customer experience management.


Employees at Starbucks learn how to understand and respond to the needs and desires of customers in a good manner. In tense situations, they employ the "latte method": 


"We listen to the customer's complaint, acknowledge it, act by correcting the problem, thank them, and then explain why the problem happened."


Starbucks staff handle challenging circumstances effectively, which is something that most customer service agents struggle with. Customers have a pleasant experience because of those well-trained staff..


#6 Customer Experience: A long-term commitment and investment in its employees

Employee turnover is common at coffee businesses. It takes a lot of time and resources to train new staff, and they're prone to making mistakes. How do you make work enjoyable for your employees so that they can provide the greatest possible service to your customers?


Starbucks was the first private business in the United States to provide stock options to both full-time and part-time employees in the early 1990s. That implies the larger the employee's pocket, the happier the consumer.


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Employees are happier and turnover is reduced when a pleasant working environment and a welcoming culture are created. Long-term staff may interact with frequent customers, learn about their interests, and help shape the Starbucks experience.


Starbucks has not only made a significant step toward building a more sustainable work economy by mandating higher salaries, but it also provides its employees with a variety of perks. Among the advantages are:

Health insurance

Investing and Savings

Paid time off, 

Parental leave, 


Commuting benefits, 

and other little amenities


customer experience


Employees feel like they're part of a family when it comes to internal CX. When you put money into your workers, they put money into you. Starbucks has a lower staff turnover rate than many of its competitors, allowing it to cultivate more intimate ties with its consumers.


Conclusion: Starbucks customer experience

When it comes to customer service, Starbucks has a lot to teach us. They were the first to introduce espresso coffee to the American market. Starbucks aimed to provide a premium experience for customers by focusing on quality consistency, digital solutions, and new possibilities. They did not, however, overlook the need of maintaining high staff satisfaction in order to create a good client experience.

What can you do to enhance customer service experience at your company? What do your consumers want and expect from you?


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