Jan 17, 2022

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The super power of Super App for enterprises

The term "super app" has become a popular catchphrase in the technological age. 


The growth of super app for businesses in China and Southeast Asia has caused a stir in e-commerce, business, entertainment, and transportation. It is there in every aspect of your everyday life. 


Consumers engage with mobile applications for everything from purchasing groceries to making payments to viewing video streaming services, emphasizing the importance of super app for businesses. 


Users typically want products or services to be delivered as quickly as feasible. Furthermore, people are more likely to pay for any items or services that allow them to save time. 


This behavior is one of the factors that contributed to the development of "Super-apps" and their fast growth. In this article, we will be providing you with some insightful information and a better understanding of how super app can be a potential factor contributing to your business success. 


What is Super App?

Super App is a mobile apps that combine a diversity of features into a single mobile app on a single platform (Evans, 2019). 


It's difficult to envision life without Grab, for example. Simply put, Grab allows you to schedule transportation, shop for groceries, place online meal orders, have items delivered, and split costs from a single platform.


Supper applications provide consumers with increased convenience in a variety of ways, including instant messaging, video calls, banking services, transportation, food delivery, and ticket or product sales. 


Such mobile app development was popular even before the COVID-19 epidemic, especially in places like Indonesia, China, and India, where people used mobile phones as their first foray into the internet world, rather than the gradual change witnessed in the Western world.


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Super app will only keep their names if they truly are super in the eyes of all users. They'll have to adopt the current market's trends and qualities. Companies developing super applications must consider the following factors to achieve this:


Super apps will only keep their names if they truly are super in the eyes of all users.


Inclusivity: Apps must always function for all clients. This entails transferring physical-world thoughts to the digital world and back. Removing barriers to inclusion will result in a better experience for everyone. Super applications will need to exercise caution in this area.


Social responsibility: A good super app for business is an app that not only does good for users but also for the world. Many mobile app developments have the potential to make the world a better place, not simply by what they do, but also by how they do it. 


Take, for example, a transportation service: does it contribute to global warming or does it use environmentally friendly solutions such as electric vehicles? Is a great software increasing or decreasing waste through bad product packing and shipping?


Data security: Some regions, such as Europe, the United States, and Canada, have been more protective of personal information than others. The success of a super app for business is dependent on data. The more information is gathered, the better the services are available to those who use it. 


As a result, super app creators will have to incorporate privacy issues into their apps and address user concerns once again.


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super app

#1 Super app: Wechat

As a chat app, WeChat debuted in 2011. Over a decade later, it has evolved into an ecosystem, with 1 million "mini-programs" that allow users to accomplish a variety of tasks, such as ordering a cab, applying for a loan, dealing with local companies, government service providers, and even celebrities. The best aspect is that these transactions (including payments) take place entirely within the WeChat ecosystem.


#2 Super app: AliPay

Alipay is one of the greatest instances of a super app that is reshaping the future of banking. This payment software is linked to Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce company, and includes a variety of additional functions for money management, shopping, and service ordering. Users may utilize one platform to buy food from restaurants, make purchases online, earn discounts, and give suggestions to friends. As a result, Alipay's audience has grown to 230 million daily active users as a result of the ease of having such a solution at hand.


#3 Super app: Grab

Grab, a Singapore-based super app, is yet another Asian super app. The transit space is the most distinguishing aspect of Grab. Nonetheless, the platform is expanding into food delivery and online payments, showing its super app status and supplying practically everything in the consumer services industry, thanks to $1.46 billion in secured funding.



Super app has become a rising trend in various marketplaces in just a few years. 


Offering ease and simplicity to clients is a fundamental technique for developing a successful super app for business. 


Let's look at the primary benefits supplied by this sort of solution to highlight even additional benefits for the creation of super applications and their adoption into businesses.


Super apps have become a rising trend in various marketplaces in just a few years.

Because super applications' target audience is so large, spanning vast countries, this sort of solution eliminates the risks involved with product releases.

Businesses do not have to spend a substantial percentage of their budget on developing the mini-apps that make up a super app. 

Through the seamless sync of data from consumers' all-encompassing social and financial profiles, the super app also offers a smoother onboarding process for new customers and lower KYC (Know Your Customer) costs.

Businesses don't need to design their own super applications. Instead, you may become a part of the existing ecosystems.

Super app assists with the collection of fees and commissions from transactions, as well as monetization and advertising options.

There is a higher level of user retention. Users may return to super app since they provide much more than standalone apps.

From the users' perspective, they don't need to download a new mobile app for each of the daily tasks that they do.


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So, if you think a super app would help you build your business, we're here to assist you in making your wild ideas a reality. You are welcome to contact us at any time if you have any questions.


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