Mar 8, 2022

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Time to wake up in a metaverse shopping center!

The divide between the physical world and the digital world has been shrinking dramatically since the ability to shop over the internet was first established.


Now, imagine going to the mall, hanging out with your friends, and doing a lot of shopping without ever leaving your house. 


This is, without a doubt, about to soon become a reality thanks to metaverse. 


Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers allow customers to physically touch and try on items before making a purchase. 


E-commerce purchasing eliminates the physical part of traditional brick-and-mortar shopping while providing unparalleled ease, speed, and accessibility.


The Metaverse is the place where these two previously disparate realms of commerce collide to produce an experience that will permanently change the way people shop online.


In other words, a metaverse shopping mall is a constantly-available area where we may interact as individualized avatars. Virtual reality and multiplayer video games are two examples of antecedents to the metaverse.


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From social commerce to the metaverse

Nearly every industrial area, particularly retail, has seen major change in the last 2-3 decades thanks to the internet and cellphones. 


E-commerce websites have gradually replaced physical stores, and now social network purchasing is gradually replacing e-commerce. 


The metaverse, as the next phase in the digitalization process, is showing companies and customers a future in which people will live, work, and shop in a virtual environment.


Many game firms and even localities are currently providing metaverse experiences.




During the epidemic, for example, the State of Finland invited the public to a virtual reality concert to commemorate May 1st. 700,000 people saw the event via video streaming and virtual reality headsets. 


With a population of 6 million people, this equated to approximately 12% of Finland's overall population. In virtual reality, 150 thousand people attended the event as avatars.


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Establishing a Community

Brands will be able to go beyond a single star rating in the metaverse by creating interesting communities that allow customers to interact with the brand and other fans.


The metaverse also includes NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs will allow brands to improve the shopping experience in a variety of ways. 


New digital items will be created using NFTs. They'll be used as receipts, passes to special events, and even early access to new product releases.


How will the metaverse affect the shopping experience?

As a consumer, you may design your own branded true-to-life experience with a personalized 3D walk-through of your products/services using the metaverse shopping experience. 


With the metaverse shopping mall, you do not have to search for a marketplace on Google or look at some boring product description. You can literally hang out and shop with your avatar within the screen. 


You can also try the clothes on, try different colors, combinations, sizes, and patterns, and there are endless options waiting for you.




Because of the rising popularity of augmented reality technology, buyers can be completely confident in the quality and fit of a product before purchasing it.


This not only benefits customers in terms of convenience, but it also benefits merchants in terms of reducing returns and expanding their client base.


The Metaverse shopping platform lets visitors explore a virtual depiction of a retail store or encourages them to participate in an engaging and interactive relationship with the brand.


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However, shopping might be the cost of entrance into the metaverse since it will cost money to live there. 


We'll need digital clothes, digital houses, and digital everything if we're going to be represented by avatars interacting in a realistic 3D world. 


For example, the price you pay for a concert in the metaverse in the future will be decided by how close you can get to the artist in comparison to other people there.


Or, a user's avatar will stand out among the other participants if they wear their $4,100 Gucci shoes, developed just for Fortnite. 


These virtual goods will be an important element of the metaverse economy.


Hence, we may need to take on more digital occupations to help pay for all of this. We'll even be required to pay digital taxes as well.


Conclusion: Time to wake up in a metaverse shopping center!

The metaverse is expected to provide us with new methods to shop and demonstrate our status. We'll keep shopping from the comfort of our own homes—and in our pyjamas.


We don't know how it will evolve or how many people will use it in the next three years, but we do know that the Metaverse will exist and be functional.



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