Aug 19, 2022

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Tips for choosing the right web development agency for your business

Today’s world has seen such an incredible growth in the development of technology. As a result, the demand for designing sales websites of businesses and online business store owners is on the rise. Besides making a website on their own, some businesses choose to outsource website development to optimize benefits and reduce costs. However, it is always challenging to pick the right web development agency that suits your needs. Thus, today’s post will guide you some tips for selecting the right outsource web development company. 

What an outsource web development agency can bring you

While web development covers both front-end and back-end, aesthetics and functionality.  Web design services only focus on the front-end, or visual aesthetic, of a website. According to every business’s needs, there are 3 types of websites for them to choose from including template-based, custom-built and e-commerce websites. 

Websites based on Templates

This type of website has gained lots of preferences as they are not only quick but also inexpensive to develop. Take Wordpress as an example, its massive success relies much on the wide range of customizable templates provided. However, template-based websites have some drawbacks that shouldn't be missed. Although users can customize their website template to make it somewhat different, a template is still a template. As a result, all sites that use the same template will look the same.

Websites built to order

Websites built to order or custom-built websites mean websites that are built to stand out and are equipped with advanced functionality. And all of its elements are designed with your company in mind. One big advantage of this type of website is that it helps businesses to save time frequently. As it is much easier to upgrade in accordance with your business goals. Though it could take a long time to develop the site at first, your site will most likely be more focused on your specific business needs.

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Websites for E-commerce

E-commerce websites can be seen as the combination between those two types above since it can be built from a template or from scratch. In any case, they are actually online stores with a catalog, a shopping cart, and payment gateways. You can use it even if you only sell one product. Their goal is to persuade a visitor to buy from you. SSL is used on these websites to ensure the secure transfer of a client's personal information. An eCommerce website's key features include multiple payment options, intelligent product search, and fast performance.

Tips for selecting the right web development agency

Define your needs when making a website

You need to clearly define your needs before developing a website. Ask yourself whether your need is to simply introduce your company/business/product/service or to make an e-commerce website where you can sell on it. Of course, there will be many places being confident that they can do both well, but the nature of these two types of web is different. Then you can choose the strongest web development agency specializing in one site to have your web done.

Have a look at their portfolio

Don’t forget to pay attention to the web development company’s portfolio before you make any cooperation offer. Since portfolios can show greater insights of the company’s work as well as their types of clients. In addition, a detailed and well-designed portfolio can also tell how professional the company is. And how trustworthy that company can commit to create value to your website. Thus, pick a company that has experience working with the same customers as yours. By doing this, you can be certain that they are aware of your daily needs and obstacles.

Search their social media fan page & website

It is worth spending time searching the web development agency’s social media presence & website. As it can tell more about their personality, reviews and feedback from other clients,...than just the work they do. Moreover, this tip also gives you more of an idea of the kind of company they are, how they operate and whether they will be a good fit for your business.

Decide how customized you want your web to be

Always remember that customer experience is the ultimate element that contributes to your business’s success. Once customers find your web hard to navigate, it’s understandable that they would leave your site right away. Therefore, you need to ask the web development unit for a fully-functional yet easy-to-use web interface. It’s highly recommended you select a web development company that has a proven track record of creating creative and effective web solutions.

Pay attention to the communication

Communication in this context means the speed and informative level of discussion between two parties. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you were in a hurry but always have to wait for the web development agency’s late responses. The tip here is to choose a helpful agency with a professional representative who can handle smooth and speedy communication. Let’s answer these following recommended questions to find out the best-fit one:

  • In what ways do they handle alterations to the project's requirements?

  • Do they answer your questions right away?

  • What means of communication do they employ?

Verify their technical knowledge

A strong technical crew is considered as a core team for every successful project. Your solution will be responsive, fast-loading, and secure if the right technologies are used. Remember to choose a web development firm that has demonstrated expertise in a variety of technologies, including both frontend and backend. Besides, you should also consider the cybersecurity matter as well. Though it is a dangerous threat to your company’s information system, it can be totally handled by a full-stack and backend development firm. But how to point out whether the web development firm has a skillful team or not. Questions related to the number of senior specialists, the qualifications and their way of communication,... are highly recommended.

Focus on the transparency of development process

Ask the outsource web development agency for permission to keep you involved in every step of the development process. Thus, you can easily keep track of the progress and recognize the defects immediately. In case you want the agency to adjust the website to your expected customization level, the transparency should be prioritized. However, finding a balance at this point is essential. The web development team probably won't feel comfortable with total control coming from your end. At the same time, there needs to be involvement in trustworthy relationships.

Where businesses should trust for a quality website

There are too many web development firms on the market today, which makes it hard for businesses to choose from. In case your company is in the need of an all-round website, Golden Owl could be the smartest choice ever. Having 7 years of experience working as a leading software company in the technology field, we have conducted over 120 successful projects for customers worldwide. Our services are strongly recommended by leaders in a variety of sectors, including retail, e-commerce, real estate, law, travel & hospitality,... Here are some of our highlighted features that proudly meet most of your demand:

  • Our team's ability to adapt to customer needs and good knowledge of a broad range of technologies. 

  • Our clients are constantly informed about every single stage of our work during the collaborating process. 

  • Adhering to all legal requirements when trading with our clients to ensure that nobody has to deal with any legal issues.

  • Everything is completed from intricate systems and infrastructures to innovative development projects with a game-changing spirit.

  • Clients can save time to plan and run their main business as professionalism is one of Golden owl’s leading features.

Finally, we hope that you are able to learn some useful tips for selecting the best-fit web development agency after reading this blog. For further information related to information technology or the need for cooperation, you are welcomed to read more at Golden Owl Blog

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