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Tips for Running a Location Independent Business

Many individuals dream of being able to operate their business from anywhere in the world. 

There's a reason why many entrepreneurs aspire to managing a business while traveling. 

It sounds glamorous, and it's easy to romanticize the concept of moving from country to country as money rolls in.

When it comes to beginning an online location-independent business, there are no short cuts or get-rich-quick schemes. 

But if you can make it work, the benefits are enormous. 

We hope that by sharing this article, we may assist you in clarifying some of the complexities that come with being a location independent professional (LIP).

What Does It Mean to Be Location-Independent?

You may manage your firm from anyplace; you're not limited to a physical location as a location-independent entrepreneur.

Let's assume you want to start a marketing business. 

If you wanted to be a location-based entrepreneur, you'd look for office premises where you could work every day. 

If you want to be a location-independent entrepreneur, you may work from anywhere on the globe, including your house, a café, or a coworking space.

The independence is fantastic, as it gives you the chance to travel and experience the world.

However, keep in mind that you will be altering not just where you reside, but also how you live, do business, and manage your personal relationships as you transition to your new lifestyle.

The top 4 tips for running a location-independent business

It's all part of the process of learning to deal with the ups and downs. 

Fortunately, learning from others who have developed location-independent firms may significantly shorten your learning curve. 

Here are top three recommendations for those considering running a location-independent business.

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Tip #1: Look for good accommodation.

Tom Blake, the founder of This Online World, is a personal finance media firm that educates individuals on how to generate money online and become financially independent.

When it comes to tips for running a location-independent business, he advises that the place you stay is one of the most important budget categories you must consider.

At the end of the day, it’s not the entertainment or tourist-related activities that you need. You actually need accommodation where you can feel safe, secure, and comfortable to stay in and do your work. 

"I learned this lesson while running my business in Colombia, during which time I booked a private room in a hostel-style Airbnb. 

Between the noise and the Wi-Fi going down every 10 minutes, I had to book a private office at a coworking space, which was around $400 a month. 

With that extra expense, I could have easily booked my own private accommodation with better amenities and some peace and quiet".

Tip #2: Improve Your Communication Skills

Entrepreneurs, whether they are location-dependent or independent, need to be able to communicate effectively. 

When you're working from a remote location, though, you'll need to improve your communication abilities.

When managing a remote team, you can't always make assumptions, and you can't always rely on in-person meetings to build relationships. 

Make everything you communicate purposeful and intentional, from project progress to personal updates.

To avoid misunderstandings, you must be explicit about your communication protocols and technologies.

Simultaneously, it’s also important to keep in touch with your clients via social media and apps such as Skype. 

Finally, develop productive working relationships with complementary professions.

Tip #3: Bring in the right people to your team.

Working on a location-independent business with your team definitely has some trade-offs in exchange.

You want to free up your mind from constantly managing and overseeing your people as well as being in the same place year after year. 

That is the freedom, the ultimate goal you’re looking for when choosing this type of business operation. 

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Therefore, it is vital to keep in mind that it might cost you a bit extra to pay for those who can really stay on top of their work to hire quality talents. 

However, in return, you can have your mind at ease and focus on the more important parts of your business while empowering your team with the right to make decisions on your behalf once you trust them 100 percent. 

This, on the other hand, creates a close-knit relationship with your teammates, which essentially establishes a mutually supportive working environment. 

On the other hand, your team members would feel their importance in your firm if you actually let them make decisions on their own. This type of empowerment is extremely needed in independent businesses like this. 

Tip #4: Strengthen your online presence.

Ascertain that you have continual access to the web marketplace and that you have a regular flow of work coming your way. 

By creating a strong internet presence and taking advantage of the appropriate channels, you can totally reap an enormous number of benefits for your business while constantly being on your own "vacation".

A nicely organized and designed website can definitely help you strengthen virtual relationships with consumers and perhaps make online service delivery easier. 

Platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, YouTube, and TikTok may all be employed if they're relevant to your target audience and business.

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It’s wise to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge, as well as to create a portfolio website with all of your previous projects and accomplished tasks. 

Always ask for references so you can expand your network. Connect your website to a database of leads. With that, you can have everything in one place, which comes in handy when managing an online location-independent business.

Are you thinking of building a digital location-independent business for yourself to still have money rolling into your bank account while still being able to enjoy every moment? 

Let Golden Owl actualize your desires by starting with the most inspiring digital website with elegant UX/UI design to spread your name out there to the whole world. Get more exclusive discounts when booking an appointment with us today!

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