Oct 13, 2021

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Top 4 worst B2B marketing mistakes and how to avoid

Let’s say you have the finest product or service on the market. And it would solve your audience's issues and meet their requirements right away. 

However, you won't make any sales if no one has ever heard of you or your stuff. This is when marketing comes in.

If you don't have a solid marketing plan in place and, more crucially, if you don't optimize it on a regular basis, your B2B firm will never take off.

Marketing, when done effectively, generates more leads, clients, and sales. It also increases the value of your products and services by expanding your network.

However, just a few people get it correctly. Even marketers, unfortunately, sometimes make mistakes.

So, here are the worst 4 typical B2B marketing mistakes and how to prevent them.


Why is it that business-to-business does not receive enough attention in the financial world? 

Many CEOs feel that selling to businesses and consumers are almost the same. This is incorrect, and as a result, they focus more on brand marketing, advertising, and value pricing than on other businesses and finding ways to interact with them. 

The fact is that B2B is not just distinct from B2C, but also more challenging and, of course, more essential.

In this case, business-to-business marketing allows a firm to swiftly respond to future developments in the globe and economy. A well-thought-out strategy has the ability to alter the course of events. With better control over everything, spending and resources can be optimized. 

Businesses who do not use B2B marketing miss out on additional opportunities to grow.



"We are company A, and we provide XYZ services." We have 20 years in the maret with a total of 100 employees. We are great, incredible, and fantastic. This is what we do. That's what we do."

Nobody really cares! Concentrate on giving value to your customer rather than bragging about your company. This is one of the greatest B2B marketing mistakes you can make.

Many B2B firms spend a lot of time emphasizing how excellent their services and company are. While it's great that you're a reputable firm, your prospects aren't interested in hearing it.

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When visitors come to your site, they just care about one thing: how you can help them with their problems. All they want to see is the social proof that shows your helpful assistance to their problems and solves it in an easy way. 

How to solve this?

The simplest method to correct this B2B marketing mistake is to rewrite your site text and look at it through the eyes of your target audience. 

Ask yourself for each line of promotional content on your website:

  • Are you identifying and addressing your audience's pain points?

  • What value or advantage does this provide to our client?

  • What effect will it have on them, and how will it make their lives easier?

Also make sure you use their language instead of yours. Before you start bragging about yourself, serve them and solve their issues.


Customers must be reminded to buy your goods or use your service on a regular basis. That is the harsh reality. 

And companies who fail to do so by utilizing boring, confusing, and uncreative CTAs. Many B2B companies make this marketing mistake, which results in a lower conversion rate.

CTAs (or call-to-actions) direct your audience and guide them toward the next step in the purchasing process. You want to take them to the next step and assist them become a lead for your firm, whether they're browsing your site or looking at a social media ad.

For example, how can a potential client contact you if they read your content or watch your ad for a few seconds or even minutes and are persuaded that your product/service is worth their money, but you don't offer them your contact information? They aren't going to!

How to solve this?

In your content, use clear CTAs. Try more personal and detailed CTAs like "Get a customized offer here" or "Download your free guide" instead of the generic and already spammy "click here."

Customers may know exactly what you want them to do next to acquire more information or subscribe by placing effective and value-driven content directly next to the CTA button.


Most marketers make the mistake of developing a customer persona based on stale data about their target audience. Alternatively, individuals may develop a generic identity based on their "feel" or preconceptions.

The error that might cause your entire plan to fail is not understanding exactly who you're attempting to convince to buy your products or services.

You'll make all the incorrect decisions if you don't have a clear target audience. You won't be able to figure out what your audience wants and needs, how to contact them, and what sort of material would keep them interested. Your marketing approach, in other words, will be ineffective.

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How to solve this?

To prevent this, you must first determine who you intend to sell to. Keep in mind that, particularly in B2B firms, there are essential persons whose profiles should be included in your target audience data. 

These essential individuals are frequently the ones who make purchasing decisions, therefore they deserve special attention. As a result, you should create a distinct group or segmentation for your B2B customers.

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B2B segmentation is just as important as B2C segmentation. This is the process of categorizing your clients into groups depending on certain features or characteristics you've identified, such as their industry, size, and location.

You may build a significantly more customized marketing approach by segmenting your customers. This implies that whether you use email or conversational marketing, your consumers will receive a personalized experience.


Testing may give you information to assist you make better decisions for your next campaign. Even though this saves time and money, many B2B marketers overlook it.

If you don't track the efficacy and success of your marketing strategy and product offer, you're simply operating blindly.

How to solve this?

The most essential thing is to recognize that everything, from whole marketing campaigns to the color of the CTA button on your landing page, must be tested. Creating a testing plan is the most effective method to do this:

  • Plan - decide what you want to test, such as keywords, button size, CTA wording, and email layout, among other things.

  • Examine - this entails studying your rivals and target audience to determine what they want and limiting down your choices to a few.

  • Test – determine which sort of testing is appropriate. A/B testing is commonly utilized. This is the process of making two identical CTA buttons but changing one variable, such as the color. The success of each variable is then tracked, and the most successful variable is picked.

  • Optimise - don't make the mistake of assuming there isn't a better choice. Continue to test on a regular basis to guarantee that you are always getting the greatest outcomes.


We hope you got something from this blog. We're interested in hearing your thoughts. Please describe the most frequent business-to-business marketing blunders you've seen and how you handled them.

If you are not sure if you are making any other B2B marketing mistakes, or if you are just running into some business problems, Golden Owl is here to help. Are you ready to improve your B2B marketing strategy and your business sales? Contact us to talk with a strategist about boosting your company competency.

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