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What is Data Activation And How Does It Help Business?


What is Data Activation?

4 stages of Data Activation

  • Collection
  • Analysis
  • Execution
  • Measurement

Data Activation is unique

How does Data Activation help your business?

  • Data Activation in Marketing
  • Data Activation in Sales
  • Data Activation in Customer success

The future of Data Activation

Final words

Data in business is getting more prominent than ever before because it enables businesses to foresee trends, find opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition by offering insights into customer behavior or market circumstances. According to a survey by Deloitte, 43% of respondents said analytics helps them make better decisions, and 10% say it helps them improve relationships with both customers and business partners. It can be said that data is a valuable asset that can influence a business’s long-term success. Nevertheless, too much data can be overwhelming for interpreting to conclude meaningful findings. Therefore, to leverage the full power of data, it is essential to develop an integrated approach, fortunately, Data activation might be the answer. 

What is Data Activation?

Data Activation is the process of unlocking information stored in your data warehouse and making it usable by your business users in the end tools they use daily. As a result, Data Activation assists in bringing data professionals closer to the core of the organization, directly linking their job to business outcomes. Data Activation requires real-time data across many different digital channels on various devices, real-time analysis of data provides a better customer experience and helps maintain your business loyalty. 

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4 Stages of Data Activation

There are four stages of the basic process of Data Activation:

Stage 1: Collection 

The data is collected through various sources such as websites, mobile apps, offline databases, and CRM systems then it will be centralized within a single structure so that the data can be used in aggregate. 

Stage 2: Analysis

When the data has been collected in one place to have a general look at the customers, analytics can be run on this comprehensive data.  

Stage 3: Execution 

The next step is to put the data activation insights into action. Data activation is not only to understand but also to take action on the findings, which is to drive advertising and optimization for outbound marketing.

Stage 4: Measurement 

The last stage is assessing the effectiveness of data activation techniques. Practice refinement guarantees that performance is outstanding and outcomes are as exact as feasible.

Data Activation is unique

Every process of Data Activation to make a meaningful insight is different since each company inputs a different variety of data. Moreover, the mix of products utilized to unlock the value, as well as the unique partners with whom the data is shared.

How does data activation help your business?

Data activation in Marketing

In fact, 54% of marketers use less than 50% of data (Forbes, 2019), it can be said that marketers do not utilize the data despite its significance. Thanks to Data activation, marketers can access the fullness of customer data. It means that all accessible data influences every customer encounter, including prior transactions, onsite and offline behaviors, campaign participation, product interactions, and real-time behaviors. For instance, with Data activation, whenever the marketing team decides to experiment with a new target audience, they do not have to go to the data team for every adjustment in the project. In short, Data activation is one approach for marketers to use valuable real-time data and consumer insights to enhance the customer experience among all marketing channels.

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Data activation in Sales

Personalization in sales is the key. Reaching out at the appropriate moment and in the right context nearly always results in a positive outcome. Understanding what activities a consumer does directly within the product and what actions that same client takes across marketing channels is incredibly challenging. With Reverse ETL enabling Data Activation, rich customer data from the warehouse can be synchronized straight to CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot, providing sales teams with complete insight into every action the customer takes.

Data activation in Customer success

Today, customer success teams are an essential part of every organization. These teams operate purely to diagnose, debug, and fix client problems as rapidly as possible. In many situations, these issues are handled via ticketing systems and SaaS platforms such as Zendesk and Jira. Depending on the amount of tickets sent on a weekly basis, it might soon become difficult to respond to every client and prioritize leads.

The future of Data Activation

Data Activation, together with Data Analytics, will become the next standard component of every data team. Without Data Activation, data teams' sole tools for serving the rest of their business teams are Data Analytics or BI tools. Many of these analytics systems advertise themselves as self-service, but in most enterprises, this is a broken promise. The next stage is for each data team to have a Data Activation platform so that they can offer insights to business teams right where they live.

Final words 

To summarize, activating your data is critical for obtaining real-time data and making data actionable. The role of data in general and Data Activation is vital in current business life. Knowing how to utilize the significance of Data Activation can help your business gain comparative advantages over your competitors. Moreover, Data Activation also optimizes the customer experience since the company can collect, restore, analyze, and manage real-time data to the fullest. Because of the excellence of Data Activation, it can benefit the process of Marketing, Sales, Customer success, and other fields in your business depending on how your company utilizes it.

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