Internship Program

This is a training program aimed to help young and talented students to be professional staff in a lot of majors, ranging from Software Development, AI/ML, UX/UI to some Non-IT function departments like MKT, Graphic Design, Business Development, Accounting, HR, and others . Our program provides a real practical environment consisting of both developing knowledge and practicing opportunities needed for every young employee.

internship description
our benefits

Our benefits

our benefits

Unlock new opportunities, explore your new strengths and kickstart your career with a worthwhile and enjoyable internship at Golden Owl, why not?

  • The specific training syllabus for each major for both IT & Non-IT positions.
  • The professional and whole-hearted trainer team.
  • The opportunities to be an official staff at Golden Owl after the internship.
  • Attractive intern allowance.
  • The active, professional and comfortable working environment.
  • English classes and Soft skills training classes at Golden Owl.
  • The opportunities to attend weekly seminars, workshops on several topics that you might be interested in.
  • And more.

The Golden Owl internship procedure

For IT interns

Phase 1

  • Programming language & framework learning
  • Project assignment 1

Phase 2

  • Extra needed knowledge & skills learning
  • Project assignment 2

Phase 3

  • Actual project participation
  • Soft skills practice

For Non-IT interns

Phase 1

  • Major knowledge learning
  • On-job practice
  • 1st week demonstration

Phase 2

  • Major knowledge & skills learning
  • On-job practice
  • Mid-internship demonstration

Phase 3

  • Extra needed knowledge & skills learning
  • On-job practice
  • End-internship demonstration

Intern case study

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