Nov 10, 2021

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4 content marketing trends that should be on your radar in 2022

Content marketing is crucial for any company or brand looking to extend its consumer base and assure future growth. Driving conversions and sales, generating leads, and expanding your email list may be difficult without content marketing.


And if you want to be successful, you will need to adapt to the current content marketing trends by modifying tone, style, and format for a voice-oriented world by 2022.


In terms of content marketing strategies, 2022 will undoubtedly differ from 2021. As a result, we've compiled a list of the top 4 content marketing trends to watch in 2022.


1. Podcasts are dominating the game 

Podcasts are a game-changing technology that can help you enhance your content marketing strategy. 


For the past few years, the popularity of podcasts has been steadily increasing. Because educational podcasts are in high demand, numerous firms are already looking into the industry. 


For the past few years, the popularity of podcasts has been steadily increasing


Today, there are a vast majority of podcasts aimed specifically towards entrepreneurs and enterprises. 


Podcasts have a lot of potential for use in content marketing efforts since they provide high-quality information to listeners. According to Podcast Insights, there will be over 2 million podcasts available by the end of 2021, with over 48 million episodes.


It's reasonable to assume that podcasts will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2022, with 60% of respondents claiming that they wanted to see more podcasts coming out next year. 


However, if it isn't the proper move for your audience, don't hop on or off any bandwagons. Assess these facts objectively in light of your specialized audience's preferences, your program, and your industry.


2. Straight to the point - Time is money for your audience as well!

Do you want to read the author's whole "culinary journey" before you Google a recipe, from his first measured spoonful to his sourdough love? No way! You only need to know how much baking soda to use in your cookies at the time.


For website and blog material, the same principle applies. You'll annoy your reader and lower your site relevance ratings over time if you give an eye-catching digital ad or social media teaser only to drag them through a six-paragraph intro.


Readers don't have short attention spans, but they do have short



That isn't to imply that long-form material isn't appreciated by readers and search engines. They do, but your material must quickly demonstrate its worth. 


Readers don't have short attention spans, but they do have short "consideration spans," according to Julian Shapiro of Demand Curve. Time is precious, and if they're going to spend it on your stuff, it had better be worth their time.


Furthermore, relevant material is valued more highly by Google and other search engines than long tales. In the initial few phrases, catch your reader, then fill in the blanks with facts and statistics.


3. Personalized content is highly recommended

Another content marketing trend to watch in 2022 is producing relevantly customized and personalized content for your audience. This method has never been outdated in every business that wish to form a close relationship and establish trust among their clients.


Apparently one of the most difficult tasks for a company is to build brand recognition. As a result, you should focus your content marketing strategy on the areas and directions where your firm excels.


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Enterprises and startups can simply target their audience depending on the data they have thanks to data-driven content marketing tactics. As a result, it's critical to gather the data you'll need to understand your clients' primary needs and create content around them.


In order to do so, keep an eye on current events and news, as well as changing customer expectations,to provide them with the finest answers. 


4. Create more visual content 

One thing marketers should keep in mind is that not everyone understands material by reading it. Visual and aural learners are both common.


Science has previously demonstrated that visual data is more easily understood by the human brain than textual data. As a result, if you want people to be interested in your business or product and care about it, you need to include high-quality photographs in your material.


Integrate fantastic photos, videos, gifs, infographics, and other visuals into your material to provide interactive features and something new to your customers.


You'll be able to achieve three objectives this way. To begin, it helps to create material that is appealing to your target audience. Secondly, it helps you stand out from the crowd and build your brand. Finally, you can show off your skills and expertise.


Create more visual content to engage your customers


Your content, videos, infographics, and calls-to-action, when done correctly, will work tirelessly for you day after day. Throughout the conversion process, content engages relevant consumers at micro-moments.


Furthermore, adopting video formats for your content keeps consumers interested for longer periods of time. 


According to Oberlo's research, 8 out of 10 individuals have made purchases after seeing a brand's video. A video allows a company to educate, communicate, and encourage further engagement.


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We just go through 4 content marketing trends to watch in 2022 and we know that content marketers will have a plethora of options to choose from.If you know of any more methods that will help content marketing perform better, please share them with us. 


Are you willing to take advantage of the opportunity? We'll be happy to assist you at Golden Owl. Contact us now!


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