Nov 29, 2021

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5 important SEO trends you can't ignore in 2022

SEO is one of the many new technologies and tactics that develop every year. 

2022 SEO trends are expected to grow into a vital strategic channel for feeding insights into consumer behavior and customer intent across all parts of a company.

As the most cost-effective method for users to find products or services, SEO will continue to remain powerful in the next coming years.

As search engines evolve, new methods and solutions for site ranking emerge. Is SEO still effective in 2022? That is without a doubt. SEO is basically just getting more and more complicated.

The emphasis has shifted from keyword stuffing to user intent, and ranking on Google SERPs has grown more difficult. But rather than that, SEO is here to stay.

Let's take a closer look at 5 of the most essential Google SEO trends in 2022 that any marketer needs to embrace. 


Google's algorithm is undoubtedly getting smarter every day. It has become increasingly capable of comprehending the connection between words and the purpose behind a search query thanks to the invention of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) in 2019.

BERT was a novel concept that helped Google to better serve users of voice assistants. 

People were voicing their search queries rather than typing them. Because people's communication has become much more conversational and fluid, Google has to adjust its algorithm using NLP and AI technology.

BERT, on the other hand, was only the start. At the GoogleI/O 2021 conference, Google introduced a new paradigm for understanding and serving its consumers called the Multitask United Model, or MUM.

Google introduced a new paradigm for understanding and serving its consumers called the Multitask United Model, or MUM

Google's Head of Search, Prabhakar Raghavan, says: "Google's new Natural Language Processing Model is 1,000 times more powerful [than BERT] and can multitask in order to unlock information in new ways."

Simply said, MUM is an AI model that can recognize a user's emotions, context, abstractions, and purpose, and then respond with meaningful responses that are specific to the user's question. 

Users won't have to run many searches until they figure out the perfect keyword that returns the desired result with the aid of MUM.

MUM is currently under development as of August 2021. We should, however, anticipate seeing it in action shortly. We won't know its strength and efficacy until that happens, and we won't know how it will influence search results until it happens.

But, if it's anything like BERT, we can expect a greater focus on authority signals (EAT) and a content strategy that's more answer-centric.

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At the beginning of summer 2021, Google made the Page Experience Update available. Its focus is on a collection of signals that assess how users perceive the experience of engaging with a web page beyond its information value.

You might want to take a seat for this if you've been putting off updating your website to be mobile-friendly. 

The mobile version of a site is currently the only one that Google crawls. In fact, even a static HTML website may be rendered on a mobile device with variable degrees of success. That isn't to say it won't rank well in search

results if you ignore this 2022 SEO trend.

You want the user to be able to fully render the page and utilize it in the blink of an eye.

The fundamental technology of your website, regardless of your CMS (content management system), must be lightning quick. You want the user to be able to fully render the page and utilize it in the blink of an eye.

Rather than discussing on-page content strategy, we'll focus on the technical elements of UX here. This means it's mostly work for your web development team, rather than your marketing team.


Providing evergreen content will still be one of the top SEO trends in 2022. If you want to succeed with Google SEO trends in 2022, you'll need a lot of content.

If you do not develop content, you will have nothing to rank in search results. Search engine optimization is required if you want your material to appear in search results.

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To stay current with 2022 SEO trends, you'll need to develop evergreen content strategy, which is material that lasts over time. News articles, for example, aren't evergreen because they're out of date and only useful for a limited time.

You want to develop material that will be useful six months, a year, or even longer after it is released. When your content remains relevant over time, you'll have more time to improve it for search engine rankings.

Consider hot subjects in your sector or frequently asked questions by your audience to get started with evergreen content. These are excellent starting points for content creation.


Since search engines were invented, the most coveted aim of every SEO professional has been to rank their page number one for any search query. 

Due to the newer "zero-rank" position and the growing number of snippets contending for the top spot, completing this accomplishment has grown more difficult in recent times.

Fortunately, Google has come up with a solution for SEO practitioners who are still trying to rank at the top of search engine results. And this is going to become the next 2022 SEO trend you can’t miss

Late last year, Google released "passage indexing," which allows a page to rank for a single paragraph rather than the entire page. The "passage rating" system, as it's currently known, went online in February of 2021:

According to Google, its algorithm will look at "stronger signals about a page — for example, page titles or headers—to identify what results are most relevant to a query."

For the time being, there isn't much information available on the best ways to rank a paragraph. Passages are nearly the polar opposite of keywords in that they are very dynamic and context-specific.

According to Google's representatives, it's preferable to focus on traditional signals like page titles and headers to rank a piece. This maybe another top SEO trend in 2022 you may want to pay a closer attention into.


The importance of content strategy quality for ranking success has been consistently underlined by Google. And this Google SEO trend in 2022 is here to stay

However, many firms are left perplexed as to what Google considers to be "excellent content strategy." It's crucial to remember the EAT concept while trying to increase the quality of your content for SEO purposes. 

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. These variables are used by Google to judge if a web page has high-quality content, and companies should be aware of them while creating content for their websites.

Buyer personas may help you better understand what sort of content your target audience appreciates, which is vital for ensuring that you're producing high-quality content. 

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Buyer personas have become critical to effective SEO because they can assist firms in developing content strategy that is both attractive to readers and written in a way that appeals to their target audience. 

When creating material, it's also crucial to keep EAT in mind. Make sure that any assertions you make are backed up by figures and facts, and that you include links to credible sources. 

Including authoritative links in your material is an excellent method to meet all of the EAT principle's requirements.


Now that you're aware of the top SEO trends in 2022, it's time to begin preparing your website for the next coming year. Golden Owl is here to assist you if you're unsure where to begin.

We have a team of over 20 website and mobile development experts who can assist you in optimizing your site and app to improve its search engine ranking. Our award-winning team of specialists has over 10 years of expertise, so you can trust them to help you achieve SEO success. Get in touch with us now!

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