Feb 22, 2022

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Top 3 big brands that flourished thanks to mobile app!

New technologies, are fast transforming the corporate environment in the digital era. And businesses are resorting to digital transformation to stay competitive.


Undoubtedly, smartphones and tablets account for 60% of all smart linked consumer gadgets nowadays. 


Smartphone users spend an average of five hours every day on their mobile devices.


E-commerce sites are, in fact, among the world's most successful companies. 


The path they took to get there is complicated, but one thing is clear: organizations that adopt mobile technology perform better.


In today's article, we'll look at some of the most well-known firms' mobile success stories and explain why your company needs a mobile app.


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1. Starbucks 

Starbucks isn't exactly what you'd call a standard e-commerce site. Over the years, the corporation has tried and failed to break into the digital retail market.


The app was first released in January 2011, and it currently accepts mobile payments at about 6,800 Starbucks locations across the United States.


The application has more than three million users just three months after its first release. 


The Starbucks app's best feature is its ability to integrate customisation, customer connection development, and convenient work into one seamless platform that customers carry in their pockets every day.


Let's start with the most practical part of the app: it makes ordering and paying for food online a breeze. 



Customers who place orders using the app avoid having to wait in line for their beverages. They may also personalize their drink orders.


Furthermore, the true potential here was to see how Starbucks might leverage these characteristics as a digital marketing tool. 


They may easily whip up fresh interest in menu items even before they arrive on shop shelves by immediately showing new goods available to customers.


The app's popularity can be attributed to a variety of factors and the user-friendly design is definitely the highlight. 


The app constantly learns the user's preferences. You can instantly find the nearest location, discover what food and drink options are presently available, and estimate how long it will take for your drink to arrive.


According to reports, the corporation is now experimenting with personalisation options in order to encourage customers to place orders in certain ways.



Ikea, the Swedish furniture company, has also revolutionized customer service by devising a smart solution to an age-old problem. 


In 2017, the business released IKEA Place, a free app that linked with their current product catalog.


IKEA Place uses augmented reality to help clients visualize how a piece of furniture will appear and fit in their house.


That surely entices the customer's attention and allows them to make a beeline for the goods the next time they visit the store. 



Users were instructed to place the catalog on the floor after picking a piece of furniture by scanning a page of a printed catalog, where it functioned as an anchor for the 3D picture of the piece of furniture.


The software employs augmented reality (AR) to display objects in users' homes with 98% size accuracy, making buying selections simple. 


The software has been downloaded more than 2 million times since it was first released in 2017.


We won't know how successful the app was until IKEA reveals more concrete figures, but the sheer amount of talk generated by the app cannot be overlooked.


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3. Nike

Nike is a well-known sportswear company that has broadened its appeal by providing a more comprehensive health and fitness experience to its customers. 


To begin with, Nike established a membership program in 2006 in order to enhance the number of repeat consumers. Then Nike released their free fitness app.


Members in Southeast Asia and India may use the platform to get tailored access to the brand's items, including unique access to new product launches.


According to a study by Nike, 60 percent of consumers wear the incorrect shoe size. Therefore, Nike is introducing a cutting-edge smartphone application that allows users to scan their own feet to discover the right fit, a first in the industry. 


Nike Fit creates an ultra-precise scan using the customer's smartphone camera, which takes 13 points of data and creates a map of both feet.



The software makes shoe recommendations using a combination of computer vision, machine learning, and recommendation algorithms. 


Furthermore, the app will be used to improve the customer experience by utilizing the data acquired to better the design of future items.


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What are the commonalities among these brands?

These companies may operate in diverse industries, but their mobile app strategies are all built on the value of providing a meaningful solution to a customer's problem. 


Their ability to deliver solutions is partly responsible for the rapid development of their enterprises since launching their mobile app approach. 


Since providing a better solution to customers is their ultimate goal, they were able to simply include seamless and frictionless ways to emphasize their product and service, resulting in genuine improved ROIs.



Mobile devices currently outnumber humans on the planet, which is a well-known statistic. By evaluating only numbers, it broadens the boundaries of mobile app concepts for your company.


Mobile apps make it simpler to interact with your consumers by providing unique features that aren't accessible anywhere else, and they're a great way to promote your products or services.


Your app may help develop trust with your customers by increasing brand familiarity and allowing them to utilize it on a regular basis.


You're thinking of starting or running an e-commerce firm but aren't sure if you should invest in a mobile app. Or do you wish to improve the user experience of your current mobile app's UI design? We’ve got just what you want!


Why not let us assist you in moving forward with the most spectacular app that functions flawlessly with your website and engages more customers for your business? Please contact us right away!


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