Frequently Asked Question

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What can you help me with? (services)

    Golden Owl Consultant is a one-stop service provider for enterprises' digital transformation journey. We offer the whole package going from the very first step: 
    • Consultancy for your strategy plan
    • Wireframe demo for the best user experience (UX)
    • Mixing the colors to create user interface (UI) encouraging users to interact with your websites or applications
    • And last but not least, full stack development for your digital assets 
    • Maintain them to make sure they are always in good conditions and up to date.
    We would be happy to answer to your requests, talk to us here.

Which digital assets will fit me better, website or mobile application?

    We understand that it could be challenging to pick the right platform for your product to market, and be aware of why it’s been chosen. Based on our experience in building web, native, hybrid and cross-platform apps for marketplaces, e-commerce and websites, we decided to come up with a template of questions businesses should answer before deciding on which platform to build first. We even took a few points there to draft an article, don't hesitate to pay a visit here first. For further assistance, tell us more here.

How are the warranty and post-live support like?

    • We spend a lot of time testing and fix bugs, make sure the product run smoothly and deliver as promised
    • We don’t have life warranty for the product, but don’t say it explicitly
    We always ensure our products when launching into the market would be at 100% best of it at the time. All the bugs and test cases would be run through and there will always be a period of maintenance after the go-live to keep our promise with our partners: Our products will run smoothly and earn the best out of the ROI for our clients. 

How do you price your service?

    It depends on the circumstance of the project, the features of the products and client’s requirements. If you’re looking for accurate estimates on the cost of building a website or application, there are few questions that would need clarified first. We have a range for our monthly and hourly pricing of our services. You can also contact us online to speak with one of our experienced strategists about your plan. 

If your development resources are located overseas, will there be a local project manager in my country?

    We have representatives in many country but we don’t have manager oversea. We are well-known for our skillful project managers, we set rules and follow them strictly to be able to reach the most possible significant output of every project. Local project managers can be flexible depending on the agreement between our clients and Golden Owl.

What would be the average timeline and budget for a website/ application?

    The complexity of projects vary widely so there is no typical timeline or budget. There is no specific timeline for a digital project, this will vary widely based on the complexity of the project. If you’re looking for accurate estimates on the time or cost of building a website or application, there are few questions that would need clarified first. . We have a range for our monthly and hourly pricing of our services. You can also contact us online to speak with one of our experienced strategists about your plan. 

Do you only work remotely? Can you come on-site?

    We have representatives that can possibly meet client but not always. We have representatives in countries ready to meet clients on specific occasions, our production team is fixable in offices. You can also contact us online in case you have specific requests for assistance.

How do you handle communications and meetings?

    We use many different channels to communicate with clients including those required by them. The point is we make sure clients have support constantly. We are flexible for choices of communications, we have no limitations, as long as our clients have support as soon as possible and as convenient as possible when they need it. Some of our most favorite official channels should be Slack, Gmail, Hangouts, Skype, etc.

How do you handle change requests?

    Clients can make all requirements they want before the project starts. But client has to deal in order to apply the change
    For projects that haven't started yet, our clients can freely make all requirements, we are open for discussion. During and after the projects, clients will still be able to make changes and the orders will be followed by our specific deals under specific cases. Most of the time, we offer a dedicated team for our client’s projects and the team can be flexible in case of contingency.

What is meant by Agile software development?

    Every of our projects is strictly executed following agile software development. It alludes to programming improvement systems focused round the possibility of iterative turn of events, it refers to a group of development processes. These processes share some basic characteristics but do have certain subtle differences among themselves. Agile methodology's advantages: A definitive incentive in Agile improvement is that it empowers developers to react to changes quicker and better, with more prominent quality and predictability.

What if I come to you with a product that I want to improve?

    We have many projects like this, there is no trouble doing it. Golden Owl most famous projects include built-from-scratch projects and also the revamped ones. We have no troubles dealing with the improvement requests, as long as the required documents are provided accordingly. To find out more about the service, chat with us now. 

What control do we have over the project?

    Clients make the requirements they want and follow our work. They may make some changes. Our clients are always welcomed to contribute comments for greater teamwork and outcome of the projects. The changes will be executed under the scope agreed by both parties under the signed contract.

We like the idea, but we are still unsure. Can we do a MVP Project?

    Yes. Golden Owl ensures our clients get the best out of their investment. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is one of the ways how it works. We always welcome our clients to test the idea before they actually invest a big amount of money into it. Golden Owl even offers consultancy contributions to make the idea even grow out of the box. 

How much does a MVP cost?

    There’s no particular price for this. It depends on the  complexity of the project. Even for a MVP, there are still specific questions that would need clarified to have a properly accurate budget. We have a range for our monthly and hourly pricing of our services. You can also contact us online to speak with one of our experienced strategists about your plan. 

How can we log support calls with you?

    We are available here with the experienced team always ready at your disposal.

What industries do you offer IT services?

    All kind of industry. We don't have any specific industries of clients, our clients come from any industries, we have a large team who are experienced and skilled to help you regardless of your products. Chat with them right now to get assistance.

Will I own the source code?

    It depends on the deal. Source code will be agreed under terms in contract, we will always make sure our clients have all the support and help they need under no circumstances.