Apr 28, 2022

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Mobile App Development's Role in Digital Marketing

In the twenty-first century, when science and technology are quickly progressing, every person has their own cell phone. 

Did you know that over 90% of smartphone users rely on apps

According to a recent Google study, 91% of smartphone users use their phones to receive ideas, information, and support, whether for business or play. 

Furthermore, 82% of internet customers consult their cellphones before making a purchase!

Mobile phones have contributed to the globalization of communication. It employs a wide range of tools to define new market goods through a variety of mobile application.

Let’s dive deeper at why you should invest in mobile app development and how it may help your digital marketing efforts.

Increasing your audience

Nowadays, attracting new clients is really challenging. The fundamental reason is that in recent years, the internet industry has gotten increasingly competitive and saturated. 

However, by placing a connection (an app download link) in the hands of the customer, an app makes it easier than ever to engage with local companies.

That includes ensuring that the mobile app development generates a frictionless registration process and that all obstacles are removed so that your audience has a pleasant experience.

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Forbes reported that in-app click-through rates had increased dramatically. It has a higher click-through rate than the mobile web (0.58% vs. 0.23%), which is very promising. 

It's time to put in-app advertising strategies in the spotlight. The following are a few examples of in-app advertising strategies.

  • Interstitials — Interstitials appear on the screen, filling it with interactive material and eye-catching imagery.

  • Static or animated banners are the most cost-effective and simple in-app advertisements to employ on every screen.

  • When you click on a banner, it expands and becomes an in-app interstitial.

App data is advancing digital marketing.

Consumers spend roughly 30 hours each month using mobile applications, according to a Nielsen research from 2015

If you take the time to build an app and analyze how your consumers interact with it, you'll have a wealth of information at your fingers. 

Your mobile app has a wealth of user data that you can utilize to advance your marketing plan and feed all of the present methods. 

The data you get from your app may help you optimize and tailor your digital marketing efforts across the board, from SEO to PPC, social media management to content marketing.

Marketers can design more educated and data-driven marketing plans using this knowledge about their consumers, allowing them to improve sales, increase income, and better connect with their audience.

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Boost your revenue potential

In comparison to websites, a mobile app may provide your clients with a more user-friendly experience, such as making it easier to browse, consume content, and complete transactions. 

Any business's marketing strategy will benefit from mobile applications since they will have a long-term impact on users. 

This impression will make your consumers pleased, which will lead to more demand, which will increase revenue eventually.

Moreover, mobile app target advertisements enabled by smartphones will allow you to target customers based on their precise location

This strategy will improve consumer contact, allowing you to demonstrate your company approach that is the most suitable and customized to those people which in return generates income.

Increasing personalisation in marketing

People will not accept companies that regard them as little more than statistics or leads in today's marketing world.

Customers are more likely to convert if they receive more tailored information and messaging. You can assure better engagement and, ultimately, client happiness by including personalisation into your app during the development phase.

This is the only reason you should think about when building a mobile app. It all comes down to client satisfaction at the end of the day.

A mobile app can create more insightful client data than any other tool, and by collecting and combining user data, browser history, and in-app activity, you can start customizing your marketing efforts like never before.

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Making sign-ups easier to use

This is the most important, most apparent stage that is sometimes overlooked, and it has the potential to derail your entire mobile app development project. From the first step to the millionth, your software must be functional.

The signup feature should always be simple to use and log into for your app. You may allow signing up using social networking sites such as Google and Facebook to make the process easier.

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It's not easy to get someone to download your app, so when they do, make sure they can log into your app without a hitch. With an easy signup, your users can further explore the rest of the app’s features at ease. Together with the right valuable information, they may turn into your frequent visitors and eventual loyal customer. 


App development and mobile applications have become essential components of current digital marketing campaigns. 

In today's world, the mobile app in digital marketing has become a need rather than a choice for humanity. 

Formed by a several-year-experienced-expert group, Golden Owl has successfully created more than 65+ mobile apps for small businesses and startups and empowered their business to thrive. 

And we would be more than happy to help another client of ours succeed on their path of achieving their goals. Contact us today and we will show you how we can support you to build an app that wins customers. 

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