Client’s Country: Singapore

Timeline: 2018 - 30/11/2021

Industry: Health & Fitness


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BIIB is a run tracking app that allows you to measure your miles and pace when you go for a run. We have virtual events where participants can sign up and then start running based on the event’s rules. With BIIB, you can totally be able to receive medals, shirts, and other prizes if you achieve your running goal. This is a way of promoting and encouraging our members to achieve their running objectives, develop camaraderie, and give back to the local running community.

Our Responsibility

Golden Owl assisted them in developing a website and a mobile application from scratch

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Core features

  • BIIB is both a timer and an app that track and set rules on how runners can run

  • A digital arena where people complete the challenges and receive awards based on the rules priorly set

  • BIIB’s game innovations feature that makes running a team sport.

  • The creation of inclusive and connected running communities.

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