Client’s Country: Sweden

Timeline: Jan 2019 - 2022

Industry: Enterprise Solution, KOL Advertising

Website: https://collabs.app/

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Collabs is the platform that allows organizations to discover millions of influencers, create campaigns, communicate, schedule, approve content, execute, pay commissions to several influencers with one click & analyze the results. In short - it tremendously cuts down on overhead, removes the middlemen & executes campaigns more efficiently than ever!

Our Responsibility

Golden Owl assisted them in developing the website from scratch

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Core features

  • Feature to find influencers: discover, get suggestions & search for similar.

  • Campaign Management: create, manage and run up to 200 campaigns at a time

  • Report tool: allow users to get a good overview of campaign results. Benchmark with other campaigns.

  • An inbox: to chat directly with influencers in users’ campaigns

  • Automatic payments for completed campaigns directly to the influencers by card or invoice.

  • Scoring influencers: detects fake traffic, inactive followers and quality of engagement. Influencers gets a score of 1-10.

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