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Client’s Country: Sweden

Engineers involved in this program: Our top engineers specializing in ReactJS & Ruby on Rails

Timeline: Jan 2019 - 2022

Industry: Enterprise Solution, KOL Advertising

Website: https://collabs.app/

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Collabs is the platform that allows organizations to discover millions of influencers, create campaigns, communicate, schedule, approve content, execute, pay commissions to several influencers with one click & analyze the results. In short - it tremendously cuts down on overhead, removes the middlemen & executes campaigns more efficiently than ever!


  • Measuring results for report: Unlike other digital marketing channels like display advertising and paid search that do a reasonably good job of measuring the performance of campaigns, influencer marketing is facing strong headwinds around proving a return on investment (ROI) for brands and advertisers.

  • Campaign management: for big brands to work with many different influencers, there needs to be a campaign management feature that has the ability in executing various campaigns

  • A complex algorithm is needed to calculate a score for each of thousands of influencers’ profiles

  • Storing a big volume of data that is always ready to be searched and listed

Technology solutions

We use Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. Ruby on Rails is known for its stability and predictability. Ruby on Rails can minimize the website development time by 25-50% as compared to other popular web frameworks. Compared to hybrid technologies – which was the only option for cross-platform in the past – ReactJS is super fast and very well tuned to mobile devices. Making the mobile experience much better for customers

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Core features

  • Feature to find influencers: discover, get suggestions & search for similar.

  • Campaign Management: create, manage and run up to 200 campaigns at a time

  • Report tool: allow users to get a good overview of campaign results. Benchmark with other campaigns.

  • An inbox: to chat directly with influencers in users’ campaigns

  • Automatic payments for completed campaigns directly to the influencers by card or invoice.

  • Scoring influencers: detects fake traffic, inactive followers and quality of engagement. Influencers gets a score of 1-10.

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Final results

  • Collabs have had 60+million influencers covering a wide range of industries, from food, fashion, fitness to family, beauty & events. They already have 150+ happy customers & 2 offices in Sweden & HCMC. And 129 billions, 839 something millions combined reach was announced recently on their Linkedin page.

  • They are serving big brand names, even Starbucks. They have succeeded in simplifying the complicated and changing the world of influencer marketing.

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