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Client’s Country: United Kingdom

Engineers involved in this program: Our top engineers specializing in PHP and React Native

Timeline: Oct 2017 - Present

Industry: Human Resource - HR

Website: https://www.gigtogig.co.uk/

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GIG connects part-time job seekers and job providers through job postings and job applications, specializing in Hospitality, Events, Warehousing & Logistics. For the recruiter’s side, GIG supports their accountant to manage timesheet invoices. We have helped build this project for years and we are continuing working with GIG for future maintenance and updates.


  • It is not just a search feature for job titles but also an AI adopted search tool to think humanly and match the best gig results with each personal search.

  • High volume and wide variety of HR data

  • Data security is always a concern of HR activities. As companies and job seekers enter their financial & hiring informations, we need to keep the information safe from potential cyber-theft

  • Based on the demand from the client, we have some complex business requirements for the webapp.

Technology solutions

React js, Rails, PHP, React Native

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Core features

  • Candidate profile page: Showcasing not only their work experience and qualifications, but also reviews from employers, favourite providers, as well as the number of shifts they’ve completed.

  • GIG Bank - for employees to manage paycheck, what they earned, owed and archived

  • Notifications including a streamlined direct messaging system between candidates and gig providers

  • The hub - not only a place for searching and filtering shifts but also for checking in on upcoming and even live shifts as well, so the seekers can categorise their confirmed, upcoming, applied for shifts in one place.

  • Improved AI algorithms, making it easier to search and apply for the specially wanted gigs

  • Seeker Signal - so that the availability of seekers will be known within 24 hours

  • Timesheet invoice management for providers

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Final results

  • Gig is so happy with the outcome that they continue to work with us through their maintaining and updating process until now

  • Gig is the largest on demand flexible shift working platform in the UK – providing a fair and transparent platform.

  • Gig is now staffing some of the biggest hotel chains in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as events such as The Stirling Marathon, Scottish Premier league football games, The Six Nations rugby finals and music events such as Rolling Stones, TRNSMT, Spice Girls, Pink and more!

  • More business collaboration opportunities: Recently GIG joined forces with WiHTL, an influential collaborative community of leaders across the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector to help people redeploy their redundant staff so that they have the best possible opportunities to continue to work where they are needed.

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