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Client’s Country: The US

Engineers involved in this program: Our top engineers specializing in PHP

Timeline: 2022 - Present

Industry: House and Home

Website: https://www.leaserunner.com/

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LeaseRunner is a web application for property owners that rent out properties. Main services are tenant screening, leasing service and rent collection. With LeaseRunner, landlording is much easier and secured for both parties.


  • The difficulty in building a strong yet user-friendly search filter which requires a plethora of options in the client’s search bar. In the house and home industry, there are 2 main types of tenants including those who want to connect directly to the agents and those who want the property’s owner. The custom search toolbar should give customers the option to choose between the two.

  • A requirement for an optimized communication tool on the web application to serve the tenants whenever they want to immediately exchange information with the property’s owners. Auto chatbot and readymade messages should be also employed on the web to assist tenants and landlords.

  • The need to assist web users to pick the best option in which a place’s pros and cons are displayed clearly and whether it suits the tenant’s requirements. Rental search apps should send notifications and messaging about similar homes that a user is looking at.

  • During the cooperation process, we have had to make more efforts in dealing with the lack of communication due to the difference in timezone.

Technology solutions

PHP is our prioritized solution to build such a high-quality web application. PHP's biggest advantage is its lightning speed, which is almost three times as fast as Python, making it the most ideal choice for web development. Besides, PHP's most popular framework, Laravel, is also employed in this project. With the implication of Laravel, there are many pre-built methods and structures that use the most recent PHP concepts to construct responsive web apps in a timely manner.

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Core features

  • Best Tenant screening: LeaseRunner web application can provide a fully-informed background of a specific tenant including mix-and-match credit, criminal, eviction, and cash report. Once pre qualifications are approved, it will check on the tenant's criminal background.

  • Online rental application: LeaseRunner allows its applicants to freely process the rental online using their smartphone. Applicants' personal information and SSN are kept to the most confidential standard. owning any battery.

  • State-specific Leases: LeaseRunner holds such a comprehensive and up-to-date library of lease documents that can save its applicants hundreds of dollars and hours of researching.

  • E-Signature Leases: No matter where and how far its applicants are, they can e-sign their lease documents at any time with the help of LeaseRunner’s automating templates.

  • ACH Rent Collection: LeaseRunner’s applicants never need to worry about the payment delinquency as the web application provides online rent payments with electronic receipts and autopay option on any day of the month.

Final results

  • Refactor Linux PHP cron daemon tasks into Laravel 8 scheduled tasks.

  • Update existing Laravel 8 PHP 7.4 projects to Laravel 9 PHP 8, and make feature improvements.

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