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Client’s Country: United States

Engineers involved in this program: Our top engineers specializing in Javascript & React Native

Timeline: Jul 2019 - Nov 2019

Industry: Cryptocurrency, Online Wallet

Website: https://mosendo.com/

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Mosendo is a cryptocurrency wallet Mobile app in which people can easily and safely deposit/send/withdraw their money between their Cryptocurrency accounts. Borderless access to money and wealth, with decentralized personal finance tools. We have helped to build this app that complies with all requirements for a cryptocurrency wallet that is safe to use while there’s still plenty of fraudulent cases in the digital market.


  • The biggest problem currently in the crypto market is the lack of security. Indeed, with news of hackings and breaches often making headlines, users are demanding more protection over their assets and data.

  • Coin Desk reports that each day, $2.7 million is stolen from exchanges, with the amount of cryptocurrency taken in 2018 increased 13 times compared to the previous year. This amounts to $2.7 million in crypto assets being stolen every day, or $1,860 each minute.

  • While cryptocurrency transactions are known for being fast, delays can happen and can be a way to protect users from hackings or fraudulent cryptocurrency payments. This can affect UI experience

Technology solutions

We used React Native, Smart Contracts on Blockchain platform, Firebase, Appium, Connext. React Native is super fast and very well tuned to mobile devices. Making the mobile experience much better for customers; Smart contracts refer to computer codes that digitally facilitate the verification, control, or execution of parts of all of the agreements or contracts. They are a faster, cheaper, and more secure way of executing and managing agreements. Firebase provides a host of features and modules that an app developer needs, as a service thereby eliminating the need to create these from scratch. Appium is one of the most popular tools for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS mobile, Android mobile, and Windows desktop platforms. Connext powers programmable micropayments for the decentralized web. Connext sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain and existing web protocols like HTTP.

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Core features

  • Features that allow owners to sign up, deposit, send, withdraw or make cryptocurrency payments with their BTC, ETH coins

  • Money to be held in the stable cryptocurrency wallet, without any value volatility.

  • Non-custodial, private key managed in-app with a social recovery option.

  • No confusing public keys, users to be able to connect via $motag, social graph, and QR codes.

  • Setup takes under 15 seconds & no ID required

  • Seamless UI design across all devices.

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Final results

  • Mosendo has come up with a way to lower the drawbridge and cover that last mile by making DAI as easy to use as cash. That enables everyone to get DAI and change back into local fiat, Mosendo makes it easy to send between peers anywhere in the world for free, and intuitive to secure funds.

  • In fact, Mosendo is seen as the final piece of the cryptocurrency payments puzzle, the other pieces being critical blockchain and financial technology to come onto the field in the last 18 months

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