SHEVRON - Reinventing Heritage

SHEVRON - Reinventing Heritage

Client’s Country: Singapore

Timeline: 30/7/2021 - Present

Industry: Business

Website: https://shevron.com.sg/

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Shevron is a website selling Singaporean specialties. Shevron is a promise of unrestricted creativity, unique experiences, and strengthened bonds. Its work is centered on high-end materials including Swarovski Singapore crystals, pure gold thread from Japan, and unrivaled embroidery, silkscreen print, and digital print skills, as well as partnerships with Disney and Star Wars.

Our Responsibility

Golden Owl assisted them in developing the website

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Core features

  • Shevron has teamed up with the Singapore Institute of Production Technology to investigate smart fabric manufacturing technologies.

  • Shevron reinvents successful designs for a select group of customers, bringing fresh concepts to life in the hotelier, retail, telecommunications, and banking industries.

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