WeSolo - Travel App

WeSolo - Travel App

Client’s Country: Ireland

Timeline: 31/5/2021 - 12/7/2021

Industry: Travel and Local

Website: https://wesolo.com/

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Cade and Tiana, two solo hikers who met in Seoul, were the inspiration for WeSolo. They believed there was an app lacking that met all of our demands as long-term travelers, therefore WeSolo was formed after a lot of thinking. Their goal is to assist tourists in making connections that lead to lifetime friendships. Above all, WeSolo promotes safe and enjoyable travel.

Our Responsibility

Golden Owl assisted them in developing website and mobile app

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Core features

  • Look for travel ideas or fun activities, and attend public events hosted by other single travelers who are planning their next big excursion.

  • Search for and book vacations with the itinerary right at your fingertips, and quickly share with others to share the joy of exploring new places and cultures.

  • Inspire others to travel by sharing your advice and images with the WeSolo community.

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